Prep your home for winter

It was just one month ago when temperatures were soaring to almost 60 degrees here in Columbus, Ohio. Most of us were busy with thoughts of the upcoming Christmas holiday on our minds: get the tree, string the lights, take the kids to see Santa and! We were deluded with the idea that global warming had hit and this, this sunny wonderful spring like weather, was what winter in Central Ohio would be like from now on. We may have forgotten to do the things necessary to prep and protect our homes from the perils of winter weather; like making sure attics were properly insulated and vented to help prevent ice dams from forming or wrapping exterior pipes in garage, basement and attic spaces to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

Sadly, just one month later winter has hit, and it has hit us hard! The seemingly endless days below zero, icy roads, snow and hail have us scratching our heads as we stare out our windows looking at those beautiful twinkling lights still hanging from the trees in our yard thinking, "there is NO WAY I'm going out there to take those lights down in this weather", and maybe thinking, "Should I have prepped the house a bit better for this winter weather"?

Below are a few links to great articles by Consumer Reports, Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, and Home Logic that help you navigate those pesky homeowner tasks that no one like to think about. 

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing - Subzero temperatures can cause even interior pipes to freeze- Read it HERE

How to Deal with a Winter Storm Power Outage: Read it HERE

Preventing Ice-Dams:  Read it HERE

Prevent a Roof Collapse: Read it HERE

If you are already dealing with one of these situations, whether you've got ice-dams causing problems or a burst pipe that's already flooding your property, give our Emergency Service team at ServiceMaster by Neverman a call at (614) 294-1100. Our team of certified professionals are ready to jump into action 24/7/365 to get your property restored with efficiency and compassion.